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5 Strong Reasons Why You Should Buy Cameras for Cars



Dashboard cameras, commonly known as dash cams, have become popular because they provide numerous benefits to the users. Today, they even come with sophisticated capabilities like FHD recording, larger or expandable storage capability, and wireless connectivity, among many other benefits.

Apart from being used regularly in fleets, private cars are also embracing dash cams for many reasons. Eyeride cameras have additional benefits and are customized to suit the users’ needs. Below are 5 strong reasons why you should buy cameras for cars:

Helps in Solving Insurance Fraud

One major concern today is fraud by insurers. Most of them will seek compensation after an accident. However, you can easily convince them otherwise with the use of footage from a dashboard camera.

This is one of the reasons why fleet vehicles must be fitted with the cameras and must keep recording when they are in operation. On the other hand, drivers who intentionally cause accidents to seek compensation are not so lucky. Similar technology also records them.

Recording Carjacking Attacks

Police can use the recordings from vehicle cameras to know exactly what happened in the case of an attack by carjackers. Vehicles that use risky routes should all have a camera.

Better still, they can be in a hidden area on the dashboard so that they will not look obvious. Others show real-time images, especially those used in fleet management. Private cars should also take advantage of this for safety purposes.

Recording the Journey

Apart from everything above, some people buy vehicle cameras to record the journey. Road trips are no longer just sightseeing but are also memories that can be recorded for future viewing.

Some people even integrate videos from different angles and edit them into excellent documentaries for public viewing. Thanks to social media and video streaming platforms, they have many places to share their journey. Even with just one dash cam, you can make an excellent video of your journey to any destination.

Taming Abusive and Rough Drivers

You need to think twice if you are a rough driver out there. A dash cam from another car could be recording you as you harass other drivers and pedestrians or break traffic rules.

Someone could report you to the police and give the footage as evidence. Drivers have been prosecuted and jailed when such evidence is produced against them. Fortunately, the introduction of cameras on the road, whether as dashcams or through mobile phones, have played a role in lowering the rate of traffic abuse.

Increasing the Productivity of a Fleet

There is an extra eye that can now see what the fleet drivers are doing on the road. Fleet managers can retrieve a camera’s recordings to know what was happening at a specific time.

Some drivers park the vehicles and take a nap during working hours, which reduces the productivity of a fleet. However, they now have to be proactive because they know that big brother is watching them.

It is for these reasons that a person must add cameras for vehicles in their cars.

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How using Hoverwatch Android Spy App you can track your employees




If you need to get in touch with your employees, then you have to contact them via the smartphone, so they are allowed to keep their phone with them during office hours. But what if the valuable time of the company is wasted by them by doing unnecessary stuff on the smartphones? While there are also several other reasons why you might consider using that same smartphone to manage your staff.

Reasons why you should use hoverwatch android spy app

Like already mentioned, your employees might be wasting the valuable time by using their Smartphone or leaking important company information. All of these can be tracked using the hoverwatch android spy app

1) Remain completely invisible 

the hoverwatch cell phone tracker will remain completely invisible to your employees even if they know inside out about their smartphones. Get the best and the most accurate information regarding your staff and manage their activities by using this app.

2) Track calls and text messages

worried that your staff might be secretly giving out sensitive information? This is a huge reason why you should consider using a smartphone to manage your staff. Try now hoverwatch app and track any calls or SMS that is incoming or outgoing. You can even record all the conversations that take place, so in case of any such situation, you can catch your employee red-handed.

3) Geolocation to view the location

do you doubt that your employee does not stay in the place during an onsite work outside? Track them easily with the new hoverwatch android spy app and manage them easily. Thus your company will not suffer any more if you know how to use the smartphone and this app.

4) Track as many as five devices

not just one of your staff with the hoverwatch android spy app you can monitor five devices at the same time. So know about the whereabouts of all of your staff simultaneously and not just phone you can even track their laptops and desktops to make sure that they are doing their work properly.

5) Android screenshot

explore what is in their gallery so that you know none of your valuable company information is leaked outside. Try now hoverwatch app as it clicks periodic screenshots of the tracked devices. This way you will have an idea of what for your staff uses the phone most.

This will improve the condition of your company. Better management of the staff is possible by keeping track of their activities which you might find suspicious. This will not only increase the productivity in the office, but also the net outcome will be more as none of your staff will waste time on their phones anymore. This app is a boon for people who have inattentive or lazy employees.

How to install this app for all android devices?

  •    Start off by creating an online account on that too just by entering your email id & giving a password you find suitable
  •    The next step is to simply download & install from the online account that you just created, the free spy app that is available there
  •    Now you are all set to use the app, monitor any device that you want & store all of their information in the online account that you created. Watch them whenever & wherever you want easily.

Features of the cell phone spy app

  •    Location services- once this app is installed by you, easily track the location and whereabouts of your staff.
  •    Internet activity –it is detrimental to the company if your employee visits various social networking sites during work hours. With the hoverwatch app, you can manage the websites that they visit and even block them.
  •    Front camera option- this feature will use the front cam of the tracked phone to click the instant picture of any person using the front camera of that device whenever someone will try to unlock the device that you are specifically tracking.
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3 Ways For New Websites To Incentivize Spending




If you’ve ever started a website with the intent of monetizing it, you know there are about a million different things to try. Ad placement is generally the best way to start generating income, but usually, it’s very slight until you build up a significant and regular base of visitors.

Beyond this, generating any kind of income depends largely on what kind of site you’re running. There are some general strategies that can apply to a lot of different kinds of sites though, and ultimately incentivize visitors to do at least a little bit of spending.

1 – Get People To Stick Around

Getting people to stay on a website is one of the main challenges faced by anyone who runs one. Indeed, you can find whole lists of hacks and tricks for how to get the job done. And while this doesn’t necessarily impact spending in a direct way, the simple fact is that the longer people stay on your site, the more good your site is doing.

It may mean they’re considering making purchases or subscribing, that they’re getting attached to content or material they might spend on in the future, or even that they’re getting more likely to share your site with other people.

Time translates to money in numerous ways, so even if you don’t see the direct benefit you’ll want to put a lot of effort into making sure people have a reason to navigate your site and stay on it as long as possible.

2 – Built Payments Into A Subscription

If your site involves any kind of membership or subscription, then you already have a means of charging your most loyal and frequent visitors – which is something you should take advantage of. This site actually introduces a model that would work for any site with a subscription.

Dealing specifically with casino gaming and real money deposits, the site discusses the option of players depositing cash via their phone bills – such that a payment is effectively tacked on to an existing, regular payment.

You can offer a similar service through your site, such that on-site purchases of any kind are simply added to regular subscription fees. Simply put, it makes it easier for people to spend and often makes them think less about what they’re spending.

3 – Ask For Donations

This isn’t an idea that appeals to very many site owners, at least at first. There’s a sense of going it alone and setting out to earn accomplishments when you build and launch a site, and asking for donations can feel almost lazy, or even like you’re cheating. As strange as it seems, however, this is a method that’s been proven to work.

The most high-profile example is Wikipedia, which is estimated to make tens of millions of dollars through its regular asks for donations. Naturally, that’s a huge example of an extremely popular site, but it does show in a basic way that people will chip in to keep a good project going. If your site serves a purpose and does it well, a polite notice asking visitors to donate may actually help you keep it running.

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9 Ways to Get More Instagram Followers




Instagram has more than 1 billion active users all around the world and is undoubtedly the best photo-sharing community in the world. Even from the business point of view, it can be a powerful tool, if approached in a correct manner. Like any other popular social media platform, the key lies in the list of followers.

So here is a list of 9 ways by which you can easily get more Instagram followers:

1. Hit Your Base

The easiest way to begin increasing your follower base is by announcing it to your friends/followers on other platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Email list
  • Youtube
  • Website
  • Signs & Posters
  • Products (Physical)

2. Like It Up

This is also a simple way to gain Instagram if you are bound to a limited budget. For example, if you are a musician, you can like posts related to your industry, your interest or like-minded people. This is a proven way of getting back followers. When you will like someone’s post, they will surely watch out for your Insta profile.

3. Post For Perfection

The quote of “quality over quantity” is also applicable to Instagram. Nobody likes all of your pictures if you post them in bulk. Try to post fewer pictures but they should be relevant, interactive and of high quality. A relevant and interactive picture is what most of the people want to interact with.

4. #Hashtag Heaven

Hashtags are the best friends on Instagram. They allow you with a power to connect the like-minded people. Using hashtags can help people to find you easily as well as your ultimate goal.

A hashtag word is just written to pertain what you or your picture are about to. If you own a chain of restaurants, and you are posting a picture of a new dish, you should include hashtags such as #bestdish, #awesomefood, #loveforfood, #foodlove, #creativedish, and many others.

Using such a technique will make your picture under a hashtag classification and will open your exposure to more followers.

5. Comment Like You Mean It

“Likes” are good, but comments are everything in case of Instagram. When your followers comment on your picture, it means that they have gone beyond double tapping your photo. It is understood that leaving a comment takes some time, it is because they resonated with it. Comments can be either bad or good, but it surely tells you the feeling of that person with you or your content.

Commenting is considered very valuable as it engages more audience towards your profile. So take some time to leave up a positive and honest comment so as to increase the possibility of getting up new followers.

6. Become Your Competitor

See the hashtags used by your competitors and try to use them in your posts. It is one of the best ways to know the activity of your competitors and at the same time sharing their audience too.

You can always use services to boost posts and following through an Instagram panel.

7. Follow At-Will

Social media is a two-way street. So it is good to follow back your followers. People will interact with you, so it’s vital to do the same. Following people gives you an allowance to expand your interaction circle.

8. Geo Stickers

Fans or followers love to see where you are up to, what you are doing and when or where you are doing. This is why you should use geo stickers which is a great Instagram feature in order to gain more followers.

People love to share their daily activities, and if you have a startup business. Use the same relevant information so as to grow your business via potential partnerships, paid ads etc. Location stickers help the other people to keep up with the place where you currently roaming or residing. It helps to build a more personal relationship.

9. Post At The Right Time

It has been researched that the best effective time on Instagram to post your picture is on Thursdays and Saturdays around 4pm-5pm. Try to post in the best effective hours so as to increase the chances of getting new followers and increased number of likes too.


All these things can lead you to get a bigger follower base which can be great for your business. Even if you aren’t in the business line, it aids you in getting social media hype. Getting famous is what most of the people desire for.

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